Services for System Developers

BTR Trading Group offers hosted execution and tracking services for trading system developers. No matter how you have programmed your system–regardless of platform, programming language or even if your system isn’t programmed at all–BTR can get you connected to the market, as well as a world-wide clientele.

We specialize in facilitating auto-trading of futures trading systems. Most investors do not have time to monitor trading systems on their own. If they want to trade a system you have developed, they need a third party to manage the execution of that system. That’s where BTR comes in. We connect their account to your trading system, no matter where that system is or what it trades.

World-Class Execution & Technology. BTR will execute your trading system in one of its secure execution environments, with direct access to the exchange to which your system needs to connect. Our competitors often have too many links in the chain between your signal and an execution. We’ve developed a proprietary order routing system which allows for fast conversion of trading signals to executed trades. 100% uptime is our focus, with redundant offsite fail over servers backing us up.

Protect Your Intellectual Property. We can manage your system encrypted in our private network or connect your system to our network remotely. BTR will make sure your intellectual property remains protected as you allow clients to trade your signals–even if you use Tradestation’s Easylanguage or Ninjatrader’s Ninjascript as the platform for your system.

Expand Your Client Base. Why keep your strategy pinned to one FCM? BTR Trading Group can give-up trades to virtually every FCM on the market. Tradestation Strategy Network developers can now access clients too busy to watch Tradestation all day or clients who don’t even use Tradestation. Open your system to the global marketplace of investors and traders.

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