Quick Start Guide


Please use our Quick Start Guide to assist you in getting setup and start using FolioSignal.  At anytime if you have questions about the FolioSignal software or opening an account, please e-mail info@btrtrading.com or call us at 800-453-4474.

Software Connectivity:

To allow FolioSignal to connect to our servers you need to allow outbound connections to ports 9200 and 9201 thru your firewall.

Contract Setup:

To setup you contracts and their preferences please go to the Contract Setup window. You can access this window by going to “Orders” in the menu bar and selecting “Contract Setup” this window has all of our available contracts instead of limiting it to the contracts you chose on your Live Setup

To configure your Contract Setup window:

Click on the desired Group (i.e.) “Currencies” under the Available window and open it up so that you can see all of the contracts included in that window. Click to add a check mark next to the contracts you want to see in your drop down lists for the order tickets and quotes window setup. You will see the contracts move to the “selected” window as you select them.

Once you have added the desired contracts to the contract setup “selected” window you will next want to select the months that you want to trade. If you change the month’s column to the “Nearest 2” selection you will most likely have the contract months you trade. If the month you trade is not part of the Nearest 2 selection then select “All”. Make sure that you click “OK” before exiting the “Contract Setup” window or else your settings will not be saved.

Next, you will go to “Quotes” in the menu bar and select “Add Market” Select the contract you want to add and click “OK”.

Please note that some of our contract symbols have changed. We will be using the true Globex symbols for the Globex currency contracts and the pit traded contracts will now be the old symbols. (i.e.) ECH6 (Globex Euro currency) on our old platform is now the 6EH6 and the OECH6 (Euro currency pit) contract is now the ECH6. You can see all of the specifications of the symbol you are adding if you open up the Contract Setup window to its maximum size. It will say Pit or electronic in the “Type” column.

Order Alerts:

If you do not want a confirmation and notification boxes to pop up each time you place an order, cancel a trade, or receive a fill you can configure this under “Orders” in the menu bar. To remove confirmations from new orders and cancelled orders go to “Orders” in the menu bar and uncheck “New Order” and “Cancel Order” under Confirmations. To remove notifications from filled orders go to “Notifications” under “orders” in the menu bar and uncheck “New Fill”. We recommend leaving a check mark next to “Notifications” modify or cancel failed.

DOM (Depth of Market Order Entry):


Depth of Market window. Click to enlarge.

Once you have configured the contracts you want to trade you may want to pull up a DOM for trading.

Go to “View” in the menu bar and select Depth of Market, then select “New” or a previously open Depth of Market. For a new Depth of Market enter the symbol you want to trade in the dialogue window.

We have added some new features to the DOM window:
The different toolbars options on the right offer charting and advanced orders from OCO’s to Bracket trades. Click on the toolbars at the top to add the advanced order features to the bottom of the DOM for trading. The OCO order is active once it has been highlighted.

Checking GTC under Order Flags will submit each order to the Globex or eCBOT exchange as GTC. Eurex does not accept GTC orders.

We have also added the high and low of the launched contract to the DOM order ticket. The high of the day is displayed by a red line and the low is displayed by a green line. Your open positions average price will be displayed by an arrow. You will see it displayed on the Offer if you are short and on the Bid if you are long.

Another advanced addition to the DOM; we have Bracket Orders which are designed to limit your loss and lock in a profit by “bracketing” an order with two opposite-side orders

The latest addition to our DOM is the ability to launch a Chart directly from the DOM for the contract being viewed. Click on the chart toolbar at the top to open an extensive charting package.

Account Summary Window:


Account summary window. Click to enlarge.

The account summary window has changed to reflect your available cash and realized, open, and total P/L.

You can customize this window by hiding the row/s that you do not want to see. Click on “Account” in the menu bar and select “Summary Setup” click on the row named “display” next to the column you want to hide and select “hidden”.

Realized P/L shows the P/L of any closed trades.
Open P/L shows the P/L of any open positions.
Total P/L shows the total P/L for both the Open and Realized P/L.


If you have a balance in another currency you will see another window showing the same information for that currency. The window titled “Total” will sum up all the currencies in your account so if you want to view this window only, uncheck “Show Currency Summary Columns”.


You can run reports of your historical trading activity in the Reports menu bar. Enter a time parameter and then run the report.


Reports window. Click to enlarge.

If you need more in depth assistance, please review our complete User Guide for FolioSignal.

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