Open a Structured Products Account

BTR Trading Group uses RJ O’Brien & Associates to handle its customers’ accounts which trade structured products.

You can download the forms you need to open an RJO account from the list below. In the first section, select the type of account you will be opening – Individual, Joint, Corporate, LLC, Trust or Partnership. Each download will include the appropriate basic account package. The second section includes any addcorporate.20131009 (2)itional forms you may need for your account.

After you have downloaded the forms, please print and fill them out completely, including the Customer Acknowledgement and Warranty New Account Agreement Disclaimer. Then, return them to us.  Simply follow the four steps below to get started.

ALL ACCOUNTS ARE REQUIRED to read the following notices and disclosures

Select the type of account you are opening and download the appropriate account package.

SPECIAL NOTE: Certain account types are not permitted to trade certain structured products (such as physically settled commodities).  Please contact us for more information.


Send us your completed account paperwork.  You may do so by scan/email (preferred), fax or US Mail


  • Fax documents to 312-212-4073.  
  • Send all documents via US Mail.  

Mailing Address
BTR Trading Group
190 South La Salle Street
STE 3000
Chicago, IL 60603


You can start trading your RJO Futures account only when cleared funds are made payable to R.J. O'Brien. You can fund your account in one of these ways.


  • Wire Transfers - Please use the following R.J. O'Brien bank information.

R.J. O'Brien Bank: Harris Bank, Chicago, IL.
{This is a U.S. Dollar Segregated Account. Please contact us for alternative wire instructions.}
ABA/Routing #: 071-000-288
Swift Code: HATRUS 44
Account #: 3671716

  • Send a Check.  A certified check or cashier's check needs to include the name of the remitter and made payable to R.J. O'Brien. If the cashier or certified check does not reflect the remitter a copy of the receipt showing the remitter will be required. A certified check or cashier's check will allow you to begin trading immediately. A personal check, money market check or savings & loan check may require clearance before you can trade from a new account. Cash currencies cannot be accepted. In addition, all funds coming into the account must match the name on the account.

Mailing Address
BTR Trading Group
190 South La Salle Street
STE 3000
Chicago, IL 60603

  • Transfer from Another Broker.  If you are TRANSFERRING your account from another firm, please fill out the Account Transfer Form (also located in the back of each application packet), return it to us with all required documents and we will transfer positions and funds accordingly.


The services provided by RJO Futures or R.J. O’Brien & Associates (“RJO”) may not be available in all jurisdictions. It is possible that the country in which you are a resident prohibits us from opening and maintaining an account for you. If in doubt, please contact us.